Beacon Hill Park Split Between Two Neighbourhoods

District Boundary in Beacon Hill Park

         News reports often state Beacon Hill Park is located in the James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria. That is only half correct.

         The City of Victoria’s “Neighbourhood boundaries” map and neighbourhood “Profiles” on the City website show the western half of the Park officially in James Bay. The eastern half is in Fairfield. As shown on the above map, a north-south boundary line divides the Park between the two neighbourhoods.

         The western boundary of Fairfield runs south on Blanshard to Southgate, then east to Quadra Street and south into the Park on Arbutus Way. The boundary line continues south, jogging to join Chestnut Row, then enters Circle Drive opposite the Children’s Farm and continues to Dallas Road. The boundary line continues to the shoreline, hitting the ocean east of Finlayson Point.